eval CoffeeScript

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Observations in porting large amounts of Javascript to CoffeeScript.

On Scientific Software And Testing

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A question from a friend that I got this morning and wrote back so much that we figured I should blog it. seen this? interested to hear your views!! http://ivory.idyll.org/blog/automated-testing-and-research-software.html I’m doing Test Driven Development for my own work so I have some experience with it. I like where this guy is going, it’s pragmatic;… Read more »

Now A Certified Scrum Master

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Woo hoo! I took the course and passed the test and now I’m a certified scrum master. What I took away from the course was real emphasis on building teams and not putting features on individuals entirely. In my experience that has always resulted in weak software and teams. The software is little pillars and… Read more »

Open Dyslexic

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I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was ten. At the time I was told that I had built coping mechanisms and there was nothing to do. Which is fine. But long duration reading is still painful for me. Recently a new font, Open Dyslexic, was released, and for me it actually helps. So I… Read more »